CPD can support and help you in the creation of your library for schematic and

layout symbols. Layout footprint symbols are created in compliance with IPC and/or customer specific rules.

Schematic symbols our created in compliance with IEC and/or customer specific rules.


+ Library Management



Drawing your schematics. Reading or converting your data. High Tech Board design.

We deliver full production data. CPD works together with designers and suppliers of Printed Circuit Board Products. Through our knowledge we  can offer high-tech PCB-layouts and deliver consultancy services. We are specialists in the Mentor Graphics (Board station-RE and Expedition), Altium and Valor. CPD has an advising and / or executing role. The experience in distinguishing hype from reality enables CPD to provide customers with concise, clear and valuable advice. We have a wide knowledge of EMC, High Speed Design, Microvias technologies and BGA Routing/fanouts. Matched delay, differential-pair routing and impedance control are provided standard in the CAD tools that are available at CPD.

For more information or solutions about the Layout services please contact us.


CPD can check your pcb layout for PCB and PCA manufacturing.
By applying our DFM/DFA rules we can give you an overview of possible production errors. Time to market is more and more an issue. During the layout phase or at the end of the layout phase we can check your layout with our Valor Enterprise 3000 software for errors. This check is based on your ODB++ output.
Before you send it to your production plant (PCB or Assembly) the check will eliminate errors or give you warnings so you can correct the design.



As we  work together with several PCB-production sites in Europe, it is also

possible to order your PCBs , proto PCBs or Series. Single sided, Double sided,

Multi-layers, Flex and Flex-rigid.

The amount of layers versus production days is very flexible.
Production can work with ODB++ or with Gerber.

Assembly is another service we can deliver. Proto or Series.


+ Manufacturing

PCB Design

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